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    How I find 10x more content on Twitter in half the time
    1 min read

    How I find 10x more content on Twitter in half the time

    How I find 10x more content on Twitter in half the time

    I am an avid Twitter user, and my Twitter goals are to consume meaningful content and share similarly interesting content with my followers. If in the process, I end up getting more followers, I welcome them with a smile.

    I've always found that discovering good content is a more significant challenge than sharing useful content. Over the years, I've developed the following system to help me consume better content faster:

    1. Rather than following hundreds of accounts, I create Twitter lists and add relevant users to each list. For example, I have a list called "Product Tweeple", which includes those accounts which share relevant and interesting content on product management. Now, instead of aimlessly browsing my home feed, I scan the lists that I'm interested in at that time.
    2. I like to know about certain content or events as soon as it's shared. For such accounts, I use the notification feature with the "all tweets" option. These are accounts that I like to engage with, and, secretly, want to be the first one to reply, like or RT their tweets.
    3. Once a while, I find tweets that have long and engaging discussions. I use Tweetdeck for this. I search tweets with keywords of interest and then filter by the number of replies.
    4. I bookmark Tweets, especially threads, that I want to have easy access to in the future.

    Let me know if you have any Twitter tricks that work for you.