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    Just Do it. Consistently.
    1 min read

    Just Do it. Consistently.

    Just Do it. Consistently.

    Five reasons why I think consistency is king:

    1. Consistency leads to success. Consistency requires discipline. Discipline keeps me focused on those things that contribute to my goals.
    2. Being consistent helps me win trust. If I say something, I consistently follow through. If I commit to a timeline, I deliver. If I am attending a meeting, I show up on time. This consistent behaviour has won me respect and appreciation from peers, seniors, friends and family.
    3. Consistency helps me stand out for all the right reasons. Following small habits leads to remarkable outcomes. Delivering outcomes consistently sets me apart from others around me.
    4. Consistency enables measurement of success and failure. If I try something new, I do it for some time (typically six months) consistently. Without this trial period, there is no way to decide if it works or not.
    5. Consistency forces accountability.