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    Product Strategy – Overview
    1 min read

    Product Strategy – Overview

    This is a summary of an article written by Marty Cagan. Full article can be found here.

    1. As Product Teams, how do we decide which problems to solve? Answering that question is what product strategy is all about
    2. What is product strategy, and why is it so important?
    3. Strategy, in general, defines a plan to accomplish a goal. No matter what the goal
    4. Strategy is the overall approach, and the rationale for that approach. Strategy does not include details
    5. Specifically, product strategy answers the question - how do we make the product vision a reality, while meeting the needs of the company?
    6. Strategy requires us to choose the few things we really need to do, and therefore all the things we won’t do.
    7. Product strategy helps us focus by making us realise that not everything we do is equally important or impactful

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