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    WhatsApp Voice/Video on Desktop, Google adds Tamil, Telegu to Search, FB bashes Apple, and much more
    1 min read

    WhatsApp Voice/Video on Desktop, Google adds Tamil, Telegu to Search, FB bashes Apple, and much more

    WhatsApp voice and video calls are live for some on desktop and web

    WhatsApp for desktops has made it simple to keep the conversation going even while you’re away from your phone, or maybe you just prefer the typing experience of a full-sized keyboard (who doesn’t?). But you still have to return to your mobile device to make a video or voice call.

    Google India adds Tamil, Telugu and two more languages to search results

    In a bid to deliver a richer language experience to millions of its users, Google India on Thursday announced to let people toggle their Search results between English and four additional languages: Tamil, Telugu, Bangla and Marathi.

    Facebook Bashes Apple in Full-page Newspaper Ads

    On Wednesday and Thursday, Facebook (ironically) took out full-page ads this week in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. The purpose? Apple-bashing. FB says forthcoming privacy changes in iOS 14 will hurt small businesses and creators...and “change the internet as we know it—for the worse.”

    More Hacking Attacks Found as Officials Warn of ‘Grave Risk’ to U.S. Government

    WASHINGTON — Federal officials issued an urgent warning on Thursday that hackers who American intelligence agencies believed were working for the Kremlin used a far wider variety of tools than previously known to penetrate government systems, and said that the cyberoffensive was “a grave risk to the federal government.”

    TikTok's app is launching on TVs for the first time

    TikTok is launching an app on Samsung smart TVs - the first time its short-form video content has ended up on televisions, the company announced on December 14.