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    Why is managing up important, and how to do it well
    1 min read

    Why is managing up important, and how to do it well

    The one meeting I never miss is the 1:1 with my manager. Even if one of us is unable to meet at the typical day and time, I ensure I reschedule for the next available time slot.

    My manager has a critical role in my success. Her respect and trust in me is an asset that gives returns in the long run. My meetings with her are crucial. So, I try my best to extract the maximum value from the discussion. Some of the things that help me do this:

    1. Know your manager well. Understand what they like and dislike personally and professionally. Learn about their communication style: do they like talking in person or digitally? Do they prefer detailed or summarized emails? Use this information to make communication seamless yet effective.
    2. Be a solution person. If you have problems to discuss - like most of us do - try to offer at least one potential solution. Don't do it just for doing it. Instead, bring well-thought ideas to the table. Invest in resolving the problem before requesting them to invest in you.
    3. Agree on a definition of success. Regularly discuss your priorities - what to focus on and what not to focus on throughout the year. Every quarter, review your progress and determine what you can do better to succeed.
    4. Establish a rhythm and take responsibility for making it happen. Set a recurring meeting, follow the same agenda every week.
    5. Explicitly ask for feedback after a critical project or release, and genuinely work on it.